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KDVS 90.3 FM

Print Design

KDVS is a community run, alternative, free form, FCC-licensed non-commercial, and educational broadcast radio station based in Davis, CA. The station broadcasts live on the web and at 13,000 Watts on 90.3 FM to the greater Sacramento area from their studios on campus at UC Davis. KDVS plays everything from punk to jazz to rare psych/garage-rock to music of Middle Eastern folk traditions and experimental and as-yet-unclassified music of yet-to-be-named-genres; weekday programming also features no less than 2.5 hours of news and public affairs such as political talk shows, Free Speech Radio News, and Pacifica Network's Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

Having been involved with KDVS and a longtime fan of the annual music festival it puts on, ORMF: Operation Restore Maximum Freedom, I collaborated with their Events Director to design and layout an event poster that would be used to market the music festival.


Poster Design, Art Direction

Launch Project