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Third Space Art Collective is a non-profit arts organization that organizes, hosts, and curates music shows, art events, workshops, and other culturally relevant community driven events and resources. Their goal is to provide an accessible center for creation, exhibition, and congregation. Third Space is a place where people can connect in a meaningful way through artistic expression, regardless of age, economic class, or experience.

During my role as Graphic Designer at Third Space, I often had to wear multiple hats to produce content in whatever skills I had, which included video production. Events where a big component of the programming at this multipurpose space, music shows being a big one. I produced, filmed, and edited a series of videos that documented the experience of a live music show at Third Space. I created the title cards, animation intro, and any graphics and sounds associated with the videos. I also created the fundraiser video that showcased what the organization had to offer, why people should support it, and how they could do so. This fundraiser video supported the marketing efforts during the organizations annual fundraiser which took place online at IndieGoGo and locally at events held at the space.


Video Production (Filming, Editing, Intro Animations, Titles), Branding, Marketing

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