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Weststeyn Dairy is well established northern California dairy farm with a legacy for excellence. The farm was founded in 1955 by the owner’s father, and has been in the California dairy industry for over 60 years. The business is family owned and operated with roots stretching beyond California. The owners are a 2nd generation American family with its roots being traced back to the Netherlands. The Weststeyn family can trace their families documented involvement in dairy farming industry as far back as the 17th century in the Netherlands.

I worked directly with the owner of Weststeyn Dairy to create a promotional video that would support their marketing efforts for their new line of cheese brands. The video included a brief background on the families history, farm, cow, and cheese production. The focus of this project was to tell a story based on the families deep rooted background in dairy farming, sustainable farming practices, and dedication to producing some of the best dairy products in the area.


Videographer, Editor, Producer

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