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KDVS is a radio station based out of the University of California Davis, which is a alternative, freeform, FCC-licensed and non-commercial. The station broadcasts live on the internet and at 13,000 Watts on 90.3 FM to the greater Sacramento area from their studios on campus at UC Davis. KDVS plays everything from punk, jazz, rare psych/garage-rock, Middle Eastern folk traditions, experimental and as-yet-unclassified music of yet-to-be-named-genres; weekday programming also features news and public affairs such as political talk shows, Free Speech Radio News, and Pacifica Network's Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

During my role as the Visual Designer at KDVS, I designed and created content such as posters, social media graphics, programming guide, signage, website management. I also filmed, and edited several live videos and was responsible for documenting live music shows either hosted in the studio at the radio station or off site events hosted at various locations around town. I also created the title cards, animation intro, and any graphics and sounds associated with the videos.


Print Design, Digital Design, Social Media Graphics, Signage, Filming, Video Editing, Producing, Animation

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