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Luis Aspeitia is a multidisciplinary designer who currently lives and works in Sacramento California. He has 8+ years of experience building identities and experiences for clients and organizations in the arts, educational institutions, health, entertainment, food, and non-profit fields. What makes Luis a unique designer is his diverse background in graphic design, web design, illustration, videography, art direction, and is able to blend all these skills to complete any project that he tackles.

During 2012 – 2013 he worked with local free-form community radio station KDVS 90.3 at the University of Davis California. There he worked with staff in supporting their media needs by collaborating with other peers by producing and creating content for their quarterly programming guide publication, created social media assets, event posters, and filmed live in studio music performances.

During 2014 - He was involved with Raise The Wage, which is a national campaign to increase the minimum wage. The organization is grassroots movement of low-wage workers that seeks to undo decades of wage stagnation and growing inequality by raising the wage floor to more robust levels. He was part of the organizations media team where his crew filmed and documented the organizations progress and ultimately released a video that promoted the May Day march that took place in Berkeley, California.

During 2013 - 2017 he co-founded a local non-profit community art and music space Third Space Art Collective in Davis, CA. He was the in house graphic designer and created print and web marketing material for ad campaigns, programming event guides, internal graphic needs, social media assets, newsletter, and website. Among other things, he organized and managed the space as a whole with his fellow peers, serving as the General Manager before leaving the organization to pursue other projects.

Luis believes that experimentation and collaboration is crucial as an artist, which is why he tries to challenge himself with the mediums he explores. He is also passionate about using his skills to contribute to causes he thinks are important like economic and social justice, community organizing, DIY culture, and environmental sustainability.

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